Drake has a verse on his new Scorpion album, where he talks about how this girl takes photos of her out of town, and waits to post them the following weeks, just so it looks like shes still traveling. I know so many folks that do this all the time!!! The saying goes now if its not on the gram, well that stuff never happen!!

The game has changed with a new photo editing website and app is providing a service to make it look like it did happen--even if it didn’t. Krome Photos connects their customers with designers to receive an edited photo within hours for $12 or less.

Below is a quote from the company's website!!

“You name it and we can do it,” the company says on its website. “Anything is possible.”

This is how it works people:  "Customers select a photo, choose a background from Krome’s LookBook, make any special requests ("make me looked tanned please"), and place the order either from their smartphones through the app or directly on Krome's website"

Who's going to get their Krome on!!!


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