Where were you yesterday when news of a Downtown Buffalo, NY Bomb threat was reported?  I was doing a live Broadcast from Fidelis Care when DJ Hassan was about to throw things over to me (he was filling in for Yasmin Young) and this is what you and I heard if you happened to be listening:

Luckily, the threat turned out to be nothing and actually a 'Hoax'...Nationwide.


This Bomb Threat was reported in Buffalo and across the Nation, as stated earlier.


You're being urged to pay close attention to your surroundings and remain vigilant today as investigations continue throughout the Nation today.  The Bomb Threats received, for the most part, across the Country, were via email with the source of those emails being an unidentified email address (in terms of it being tied to a person), although authorities were able to trace the source of the email coming from Russia...this all according to News Reports as well as the news video above.

Here's Everything you need to know about WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF A BOMB THREAT ...whether you receive a Bomb Threat or need to Report a Bomb Threat:  (Click the Button Below)   

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