To do anything for 49 years in a row is Congratulations are in order to M&T Bank for giving back to the Community every year for the past 49 years (including this year) with their Annual Plaza Event Series.  According to, the M&T Bank Plaza Event Series is Buffalo's Longest Running Free Concert ... and is FREE!  This year's theme is "Brighten Up Your Day".

Between 12 noon - 1PM every Weekday Lunch Hour, M&T Bank provides a full hour of Live Music from a diverse lineup of local musicians and local bands at One M&T Plaza, 345Main Street, Downtown Buffalo.  In addition to the Live Music, which consists of 54 performances this year (according to each weekday event is hosted by a local Media entity from Monday, June 11 thru Friday, August 24.

Power 93.7 WBLK has a full week of our own the week of Monday, July 30 - August 3.  The Lineup is as follows:

POWER 93.7 WBLK WEEK: Monday, July 30 - Friday , August 3 

Monday, July 30 - Joseph Michael Mahfoud Band

Tuesday, July 31 - Big Wheelie & The Hubcaps

Wednesday, August 1 - Jim Tudini Big Band

Thursday, August 2 - Breakaway

Friday, August 3 - African American Cultural Center's Dance & Drum Performance Company

Here are a couple of videos from past M&T Plaza Event Series from previous years:   

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