Wednesday (4/28/21) M&T Bank unveiled its long-awaited Tech Hub inside the Seneca One Tower.

The plan was first announced in the Summer of 2019 when the building was vacant, now it is bustling with activity. Once the move is complete, about 1,500 tech employees will work in the hub according to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV).

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Work resumed last Summer after having to pause due to the pandemic. In addition to M&T, startup incubators 43 North and Techstars, as well as international business management software company Odoo will also occupy space in the 38 story tower.

M&T Bank will lease 11 upper floors. M&T is the biggest part of the $120 million renovation of the building led by developer Doug Jemal.

M&T Bank remains committed to its $37 million tech hub inside Seneca One tower, despite the challenges the pandemic created in the past year, said Rene F. Jones, M&T's chairman, and CEO.

"In a year when others chose to slow investment, we soldiered forward," Jones wrote in his annual letter to M&T shareholders. "We have always viewed M&T Bank as a safeguard of value, a foundation for growth, and a forum to bring people together for the betterment of the places we live."

Jones also highlighted the new offices at Seneca One as an example of how M&T is a "hub at the center of our communities."

"Our new campus – located in a revitalized local landmark and co-located with housing, common areas, restaurants and bars – will become the centerpiece of our downtown corridor and will build, support, and nurture the type of ecosystem that draws investment, talent and Creative Class visionaries and disruptors not only to M&T but to the Western New York community," he wrote. "As the ecosystem grows, interactions among Creative Class talent – we call them 'creative collisions' – will increase as ideas are shared, problems are identified and solutions are created."

The vast majority of M&T's employees have been working from home, but the bank plans to eventually have 1,500 employees working at the tech hub.

Jones noted M&T is also working with numerous partners on the Western New York Tech Skills Initiative, to develop the region's talent pool and a training program in conjunction with IBM and other partners.


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