The organizers of the Cheektowaga Dance Team not only wanted to create a program for participants to learn how to dance, but they also formed the entity so as to teach and promote confidence ... and it's working...maybe a bit too well.  Many of the girls in the program are from low-income families and it's a blessing when there are activities of real interest that give young people something constructive to do which they absolutely love doing at the same time.

According to a news report,  the Cheektowaga Dance Team has grown and is comprised of 60 Girls.  More are becoming interested.  The challenge they're having is space.  They currently hold classes at Dynasty Studio of Dance at 1236 Walden Avenue...but the place is too small to accommodate the growing interest and more participants.


Dynasty Studio of Dance, 1236 Walden Avenue, Attn: Cheektowaga Dance Team 


Deposit money to the Dynasty Studio of Dance account at any M&T Bank.

WBLK Congratulates the Cheektowaga Dance Team on their great success and wishes each of the participants much success and confidence as the program and individuals continue to grow.

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