The popular eatery in downtown Buffalo has filed for bankruptcy.

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"A worldly experience that taps into the international pulse of the next generation of culinary and bar culture." ~ Misuta Chows via Twitter


Credit: WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY via Youtube

Misuta Chow's, a Tokyo-themed bar and arcade in downtown Buffalo has filed for bankruptcy, according to WIVB. The popular and very unique restaurant is located at 521 Main Street in Buffalo. It announced the filing on Wednesday (March 11). Representatives say Misuta Chow's will not be closing.

"Chapter 11 gives a business a chance to keep operating while it reorganizes its debts, temporarily staying creditor collection actions while a repayment plan is negotiated. It’s not Chapter 7. We are not closing our doors. We are not going out of business." ~ Michael Rizzo, Media and Marketing Director

According to a statement released by Michael Rizzo, the Media and Marketing Director for Misuta Chow's, the owners made some "bad choices" and were taken advantage of by their accountant.

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