I'm just blown away by this entire incident, but even more-so by Mississippi Sen. Hyde-Smith's response to the backlash she's getting from what she said:


Here's what she actually said:

Mississippi is the LYNCHING CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES...Literally...and the Mississippi Senator says she would be in the FRONT ROW if invited to a Public Hanging.  Unbelievable.  Beyond her words, she says she stands by what she said and won't even ATTEMPT to explain it away or retract it?.

Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say that her intent was void of having any Racial overtones because factually Public Hangings were & are NOT exclusive to Blacks (although 70% of them in the U.S. have seen Blacks as victims).   The statement Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith made seems to imply that she would actually watch a Public Hanging AND do so from the Front Row.  So let's assume the hanging subject is a White person ... does that make the statement any less offensive?

The bottom line is that there is no excuse for this ridiculous statement other than to say, "I'm sorry I said it"...which ONLY excuses her saying it...while revealing something about her which SHOULD BE concerning and disqualifying, in terms of this woman serving our Country in ANY capacity.  My opinion.

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