Celebrities from Halle Berry to AShanti are rocking the mismatched earring trend, which is a God-send to people like me who always seem to loose just one of my earrings! 


Like the 80's TV Character Punky Brewster would say "I got two different feet, why can't I wear two different socks"?

But in 2013 it's our ears who are expressing their individuality! Check out some of our favorite ladies who are making a fashion statement.


Ashanti rocks the feather with a hoop earring. That's edgy and soft!


Zoe Zalanda's earrings are of the same design but different sizes.


Halle Berry rocks one simple and one loud style earring showing her mature yet rebellious personality.

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Gwyneth paltrow looks stunning with the one long and one short earring set.

So when you get home, gather up all those widowed earrings who lost their match and pair them up with a stud, hoop, feather or any other design that compliments your style!