Actor/comedian and advocate Mike Epps brought more than laughs to WNY yesterday. See why he now holds the key to the City of Niagara Falls inside.


Before his stand-up performance at the Seneca Falls Casino on January 10, Epps spoke to a large group of kids at the Doris Jones Resource Center. He spoke about his own experiences with bullying and gave the audience some useful tips on dealing with it.


“Sometimes you have to just compliment a bully. I know it sounds crazy but just say ‘you look nice today,’” he said. “That bully could become your friend they’ll know that this is someone who can’t be bullied."

-- Mike Epps


Photo: Mia Summerson

After speaking, Mayor Dyster presented Epps with the key to the city, complete with a formal proclamation.

Mike Epps' new movie 'Repentance' comes out February 28.