MetroPCS celebrated it's 2521 Walden Avenue Corporate Store's 1st Anniversary on Saturday with WBLK and it was a great time.  Customers and visitors of the event were able to play UFC2 (Boxing), get Free Food from the Cheesy Chick Food Truck, win Post Malone Tickets, & get 2 Months Free Service from MetroPCS!

(2 Moths FREE Service is still available from MetroPCS...just click on the button below to find out how.)

MetroPCS Anniversary w/ WBLK

(Click the button below to find out how to get 2 Months of Free Service from MetroPCS)

Why anyone would opt to sign a contract with ANY cell phone provider is beyond me, when you can get a better service WITHN NO CONTRACT!  Not only that..I've had MetroPCS Service for about 3 years or longer now and there's been NOTHING to compare.  Any other service I've had has spelled P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.  The Metro PCS service is impeccable...I have literally never had ANY problems whatsoever...It's AMAZING!  As a matter of fact, to take things even further, I DJ twice a week at two different locations and have the $60 Unlimited Plan, purposely, because it includes the Mobil Hotspot feature giving me WIFI Access for my MacBook Pro from wherever I am.  I use that service to DJ every weekend.  Please understand how risky this is...I'm depending on this connection to do a 4 to 5 hour party every weekend and if the connection were to fail at anytime while I'm DJing, the phrase..."KILL THE DJ" would be more than appropriate.  However, the Mobil Hotspot connection has NEVER failed me... Thanks MetroPCS...Your Service is INCOMPARABLE!

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