What is going to happen to the Tops grocery store on Jefferson Avenue? We got answers from one of our own. 

It has felt like the longest stretch of days in Western New York since the horrific actions on May 14, 2022, leaving the City of Good Neighbors in disbelief that something of this nature could have happened in our homes.

Caution tape is still surrounding the Tops grocery store on Jefferson Avenue, and it has left some community members wondering, “What is going to happen to our neighborhood grocery store?”

While many nonprofit organizations, like FeedMore WNY, and businesses, like West Herr and Tops Friendly Markets, have donated to help the survivors and those directly affected by the attack, it leaves many people wondering if their grocery store will permanently close.

Tops Markets are offering a shuttle bus from Jefferson Avenue to the Elmwood Avenue Tops location for now, but what happens after a month? Or two? Will the shuttle continue? Will the Tops on Jefferson Avenue open again?

The store was built twenty years ago, but it really helped those who lived in the neighborhood who maybe didn’t have a means of transportation to get to the next closest Tops, which was over two miles away. 

Those who live around Jefferson Avenue would have to take a bus to get to the area where the other Tops location is. 

And while there are corner stores around the area, very rarely do those stores carry necessary food groups like vegetables and fruits.

Plus, it was a battle to even get that grocery store in town all those years ago. 

Clay & Company spoke with Yasmin Young from 93.9 WBLK, who has been providing special coverage and has some answers to all the pressing questions many are asking. She has been at the Tops, talking to eye witnesses and neighbors, and she had a message for Western New York for how we can come together during this absolutely horrible time.

Yasmin Young also spoke with New York State Governor Kathy Hochul, who is a native of Western New York, and you can read more about what Governor Hochul had to say here

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