The 2024 Presidential Election season is in full swing, and there is tons of activity happening all over the nation. Of course, New York is in the fray as we inch closer to November.

With both the Republican and Democratic primaries out of the way, it's time for those candidates to look forward to their party conventions. But it's not smooth sailing for them, at least in New York, because there is now a third candidate who New Yorkers will be able to choose from when November 5, 2024, rolls around.

RFK Jr. Earns Spot On New York's Presidential Ballot

According to rules set forth by New York State election law and the New York State Board of Elections, anyone who meets the qualifications required in the United States Constitution can run for president. They do not need to be part of a political party as long as they obtain a certain number of signatures on nominating petitions. That is precisely what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did this week, obtaining signatures from more than 100,000 New Yorkers.

Back in May 2024, Kennedy turned in more than 70 volumes of signed petitions to qualify for the presidential ballot in November. In total, he had 108,680 valid signatures. State law only requires you to obtain 45,000.

This means that in November, when you go to the polls, you'll have at least three options for voting for president.

Who Is Robert F Kennedy Jr.?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the son of former New York Senator and United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Sr. and nephew of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy grew up in Massachusetts and spent most of his career as an Environmental Attorney, but he also spent time as an Assistant District Attorney in New York. As a member of one of America's most famous families, he has a reputation as a national figure in environmental activism and as a lawyer. He receives support from people who are not fans of either President Biden or former President Trump.

Every day, we get a tad bit closer to finding out who will be the next president of the United States; we'll need to wait and see how the election turns out.

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