Buffalo is becoming 'THE PLACE' for Major Films and Movie Producers.  The most recent Movies filmed here that come to mind are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spiderman with the latest Major Motion Picture filmed here, and in Theaters NOW, being 'The First Purge'.

The latest 'First Purge' Movie has some real-life connection for Buffalonians and visitors / tourists in the area at Marina Market (on Marine Drive) where a parts of the movie were filmed.  Marina Market is a public Convenience Store that primarily services residents in the apartment complex adjacent to Canalside.

Marina Market was renamed for the purposes of the movie and appears inn then movie as Thad's Market.  The owner of Marina Market, Andy Sedida, took things a bit further and named one of the items he sells in the store after the store's new movie name and created 'The Thad Burger'.


Well I'm curious and am definitely going to visit Marina Market soon to try a 'Thad Burger' before a Purge in Buffalo takes place and my chances are gone.  Hopefully, there won't EVER be an actual purge in Buffalo, or anywhere for that matter, which will give me plenty of time to get a delicious, Buffalo Thad Burger'.

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