Would it have made a difference if I had titled this post, 'Man Pulls Gun Out  ON BLACK WOMAN After Fender Bender and Gets Released with No Bail?  Would making reference to the 'victim' being a Black woman matter?  Well, a group of people certainly felt that piece of information was significant as they chanted, 'Blacks Lives Matter' outside of a City of Buffalo courtroom after the man who pulled a gun out on a Black woman after a traffic accident was released with NO BAIL, according to News Reports.


In my opinion, the unfortunate truth regarding this local news story is that a message was sent and now Mr.Jeffrey Calhoun understands that it's (initially anyway) ok to draw a gun on a Black person and have the courts deem it fit and ok to be released back into the public with 'no bail ' at that.  Ridiculous....but that's my opinion.

Many African-American people are questioning an incident that took place about a month ago in Lockport whereas an African-American man died while in police custody:


What's your opinion regarding the man with the gun being released with no bail?

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