Racial Profiling seems to be getting more and more prevalent in our Country.  America was supposed to be getting 'Great Again'.  Maybe that's the problem.  The Greatness, for some, which I guess did exist in this Country may have returned for those people.  There was a time in this Country such that Black people were not respected as 'people'.  Black people were seen as threatening, dishonest, criminally minded, dirty, less than, etc.  Have we regressed back to those times?  Here's a recent story which suggests the answer to that question is ... YES.

The sad reality is that this story is representative of DAILY INCIDENTS Black people experience in this Country, which has a President who promised would be 'Great Again' ... but for who?  When will the United States of America, which Black-Balls (an appropriate color reference within that phrasing) a Star Quality, Black, NFL Player for expressing dissatisfaction for how Black people continue to be treated in the U.S, make a TRUE EFFORT to include all Americans in it's plight to make this Country 'Great Again'?  Certainly, not by arresting a Black Man because $1000 is far too much for a Black person to be paid for doing a job.

This incident is menial compared to the Racial Profiling that had led to far more than arrest in this Country.  The loss of life Black people experience seems to be commonplace these days in America.  If you're African-American / Black reading this, have you experienced your share of Racism in our Country?  Please add your comment below in the comments section.

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