It's usually videos that go Viral...not food.  However, Jeff Empric, Heather Lucas & Todd Salansky founded a company in Buffalo, in a shared kitchen believe it or not and have created a drink that people are raving about, so much so that lst year they had to move their start-up business to a larger location at 1250 Niagara where they locally make what's become a Viral Drink Phenomenon, called 'Bootleg Bucha' and their new drink, which has gone Double Viral (if there is such a thing), called Hemp Bucha.  Normally you can purchase the Original Bootleg or New Hemp Bucha in many local stores...but due to the demand and Viral-Osity (another made up word I've come up with) ... the fast growing popular beverage is SOLD OUT and can only be pre-ordered online.

Your first impression upon seeing the word 'Hemp' is that the conversation is about Marijuana.  You'd be pretty much correct, however, most time people think of recreational marijuana, which people smoke for the most part.  Hemp, on the other hand, (although it can be smoked) is not your everyday 'recreational weed'.  Hemp is a more natural and raw form of marijuana with more health benefits as opposed to making you 'high' and affecting your psyche.


So with all that said, the extremely popular locally produced Hemp Bucha, contains no THC, so if anything, you'll benefit from the CBD in this "sold out for the moment" beverage.  Check this link below to read about the health benefits associated with Hemp and it's different from Marijuana, although they both come from the same plant.

Here's the (Buffalo Fermenting)... 'Bootleg Bucha & Hemp  Bucha Story:

I want to personally thank the Founders of (Buffalo Fermenting) Bootleg Bucha and Hemp Bucha in a shared kitchen in Buffalo, NY for creating the video above and for supplying me with all the info needed to present this Viral Product our of Buffalo, NY to you... thanks you guys!!!

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