Since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has been classified as a pandemic, more and more people are doing the right thing and working from home and simply staying home in an effort to doing their part to avoid the spread of the virus.

Food is an issue for some, not because they don't have food, but because most people are not used to making 3 meals a day at home.  Several area restaurants are now promoting and offering meals that are already prepared and frozen, according to a report.

Here are a few local restaurants to check out, according to a report: 

It looks like Osteria 166 was fully prepared for a time such as we're experiencing.  I went to their website and WOW; I was amazed.

There's a lot more to this story.  Click on the link below to see al the details.

If you're truly "hunkered down" and don't want to go anywhere, you can do this at home on your's how.

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