Let me just start by saying I'm very good when it's the last minute time to do something and clutch time, mainly because I'm usually caught in that situation. With some quick research, I came up with some pretty good ideas, obviously, because of the pandemic, you have to get very creative.

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Now, let's face it, flowers and candy always go over pretty well, but let's do something a little different this year. If your valentine is always on the go and can use a little relax time, you can give them a break away from the kids and set up a room in the house, and make it a day spa, fully equipped with all of your valentine's favorite drinks and treats. There are portable foot massagers at most local Targets or Walmart, I saw this one on Amazon.

Another great last-minute ideal is doing a staycation weekend, I have found that there are some hotels that did not sell out all of their rooms so you could get a great deal on a nice little getaway for a lower price than normal, and still have room for a nice bottle of wine and dinner to go.

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My last idea, for the chefs of the house, one of my favorite things to do is to find some creative and different recipes that your valentine hasn't seen you do yet. In my opinion, cooking is always the way to someone's heart.

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