Well, this will be somewhat disturbing news for many ladies who get eyelash extensions.  There's news circulating stating that lash extensions could be risky health-wise

I cannot report this story without coming to the defense of and recognizing at least one, if not the BEST Eyelash Technician and Lash business in existence, in my opinion, which is a local business and Business Woman who has done lash extensions for as long as I can remember and is extremely credible.  Falicia Fracassi and her Business, Fracassi Lashes, have worked with many many well know celebrities nation-wide, as well as the general public, with no complaints of lash mites to date.  So I would add to this news story, the fact that this is NOT a concern at Fracassi Lashes. where there's complete 100% professionalism.

Falicia Fracassi started her business (Fracassi Lashes) in Rochester, NY and has since expanded to Buffalo, New York City, Syracuse, Orlando FL, Sarasota, FL, and Tampa Fl...7 locations.

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