We watch American Ninja Warrior and are amazed at the athletic abilities of the contestants, while young people see it a bit differently.  I don't look at the program and think to myself, 'Gee, that looks like FUN', rather I look at the program and think, 'gee that looks like a lot of work, dedication, and practice' ... none of which I'm in any position to even TRY.   Kids, on the hand, look at American Ninja Warrior and wish they could have that much fun.  It's like the Ultimate Playground Jungle Gym to a young person, including 11 Year-Old, Kenmore 7th grade St. John the Baptist School student, Charlie Kowalski.

Charlie's dream has come true as he's been chosen to compete on the Universal Kids Network's new Show called American Ninja Warrior Jr. that debuted on last Saturday, October 13.

WBLK wishes Charlie all the support in the world...GO CHARLIE.


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