Kanye West says and does some strange things , but in my opinion, he ironically deserves much respect for who he is and his Boldness in being DIFFERENT!  That's my opinion at least.

Beyond Kanye's being as eccentric as he is, his New Song (just released), called 'LIFT YOURSELF', is pure GENIUS in my opinion.  The song is like NONE I'VE HEARD IN MY LIFE...and believe me I have heard sooooo much music it's unbelievable.  Kanye deserves much Praise & Celebration upon releasing 'LIFT YOURSELF', because it's amazing how anyone within the music industry these days would even DARE to go outside the box and create a New Sound...but leave it to Kanye West and something Unique & Brand New is a given.

Now I think there's a subliminal, somewhat unspoken message in Kanye's New 'Lift Yourself' song whereas he's trolling today's rappers, and based on having heard that some rappers are responding to the song such that it's TRASH, Kanye's tactics may be working.  The example in the song which I think represents Kanye taking a 'dig' at all of...or at least 90% of today's rappers, is him sounding like he's CLOWNIG in the song when he starts the POOP DIDDY SCOOP stuff.....it's creative and new and funny, but also sends a message to all rappers that you can sound silly with different silly sounds over a SERIOUS BEAT and make a Hit Record...but the Title of the song is instructing rappers (and all of us) to LIFT OURSELVES above the Norm or what's 'EXPECTED' of us.  That's my take on what Kanye is trying to say in this new Very Innovative song.  Could Kanye using the word POOP have some subliminal undertones such that today's music is POOP?  Hmmmm.

Here's The Song  'LIFT YOURSELF' (what's you opinion..share it below in the Comments section)

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