WATCH the video and answer the question within yourself ... Is this Police Shooting Death Justified or unjustified?

Before you watch the video footage, take note that the video is disturbing because it results in the death of a woman.  According to news reports, based on what the Police Department in the Houston area are saying; the woman in the video allegedly had warrants and an Officer patrolling the area recognized her and began attempting to handcuff and arrest her.  The woman resisted and a struggle ensued causing the Officer to have to tase the 45-Year-Old woman.  You'll see her fall to the ground as the Officer continues to attempt to handcuff her.  Audio in the video reveals the woman yelling, "I'm pregnant" as she resists the Officer.  The Police are saying the video shows the woman grabbing the Officer's taser and tasing the Officer causing the Officer to respond by shooting the woman 5 times and killing her.

Justified or Unjustified?

WATCH: [Warning: Disturbing]

My comment:  What type of Police Officer hears a woman say she's pregnant, whether true or not, ignore that, and ultimately shoot a woman 5 times and kill her?  Another question, how many physically fit Male Police Officers cannot hold or handle the average unarmed woman ... at least until backup comes...or just wait for back-up, since the woman said she was walking home (which the Officer knew because he knew her and lived in the same complex)?

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