Webster's Dictionary should seriously consider adding an alternate definition for the words 'COURAGE' & 'TOUGHNESS' with the meanings reading: Jim Kelly.  Former Star Buffalo Bills Quarterback Jim Kelly is an amazing person, in my book, and I'm certain many others agree 100%.

Jim Kelly's Courage & Toughness go beyond his fight against cancer.  His Courage & Toughness are measured as well in terms of what he continues to do while facing a potential life ending disease.  Jim Kelly pays cancer less attention than he does working in the Community, especially with young people.  His inspiration is unparalleled and was evident while listening to his speech upon deservingly receiving the 2018 Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the ESPY Awards recently.


That's very hard to watch without shedding a tear of sorrow as well as hope for Jim Kelly who exemplifies and epitomizes the ultimate show of Courage, Toughness, and Perseverance.  Even a Standing Ovation is not enough of a show of appreciation for this phenomenal man.

Congratulations Mr. Jim Kelly and continued Courage, Toughness, and Perseverance moving forward and most importantly, all of our Prayers and Faith are with you on your Journey to Complete healing Sir.  Thank you for sharing yourself with the Buffalo Community and beyond.

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