Wow, that was awesome. It was SO LOUD when it happened. We knew that Hall Of Fame quarterback, Jim Kelly was going to be the Legend of The Game. Usually, before a home Buffalo game, a former player is honored before kickoff. Jim Kelly used his time to bring out Hall of Fame and former Bills coach Marv Levy out...and man, was it awesome.

The 97-year-old took to the field and made a very quick, familiar statement that everyone YELLED back

I'd like to say to you before the game what I said to our players before every game, 'where would you rather be, than right here, right now.'

Listen to the video below how loud it was.

The atmosphere last night inside the stadium was unreal. If you went to the playoff game against the Patriots last December, it was THAT kind of loud, but it seemed like something was just different last night.

It feels like this is our year.

This is our time.

All the pieces are in place.

Buckle up because it is going to be a fun ride.

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