Yes, you better believe it, it's coming!  I can remember living in Farmington, NY near Canandaigua, and the toll being a whopping $.15 cents to go from the Farmington / Canandaigua to ext 45 to go to Rochester.  I'm not sure what the toll is now but I doubt its .$25 cents.

Well, in keeping with the NYS Thruway toll increases over the years, here comes another...dodon't will not be implemented for a while, but still; it's coming.


The Thruway Authority has no plans of doing anything to change the NYS Thruway tolls as of now according to a Thruway Authority spokesperson, who said this, according to news reports:

"Thruway tolls are frozen through 2020," a Thruway Authority spokeswoman said in a statement. "Just last week, we completed a debt refunding to save more than $300M and it’s a continued example of the many ways we are working to keep tolls as low as possible for New Yorkers."

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