As unfortunate as it is, New Yorkers are used to paying a lot of money for goods and services in the Empire State. Living in one of the highest taxes states in America means that we often have to pay more for just about everything when you add on all of the additional taxes and fees we have to pay.

As the New York State government finishes up the State Budget for 2023 and beyond, many of us are bracing our pockets to pay a little more money this year for things.

What's Happening With The 2023 NYS Budget?

New York State law requires the Governor and Legislature to agree on a budget by April 1st of each year in order for the state government to be able to continue operating.

As of April 1st, the state budget was still pending, which is causing a lot of concern among state employees, many of whom are wondering if their paychecks are going to bounce this week

There have been constant hearings in the NY Senate and Assembly about the budget, along with some changes that may be on the horizon regarding marijuana, the state minimum wage, and bail reform.

One thing that is not for debate at this time is the New York State Thruway and a planned toll increase that is set to take effect at the end of the year.

NYS Thruway Tolls Are Going Up

In December 2022, the State Thruway Authority announced it was starting the process to increase tolls at the end of 2023. Those toll increases would apply statewide, and not just on certain sections of the highway as it had been doing in the past.

Tolls will remain where they are for the balance of 2023, but starting January 2024, new toll rates would apply for everyone, with rates increasing by approximately 9% thruway wide.

New York State Thruway
New York State Thruway

That amount will vary depending on the road and span, with the fee to drive from Rochester to Buffalo increasing by around $0.12 and the fee to cross the Mario Cuomo Bridge increasing by anywhere from $0.25 to more than $3.

State officials made sure to point out that tolls in New York are ranked as some of the lowest in the country, which of course is maybe good news in one of the highest taxes states in the nation.

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