Anyone from Buffalo that enjoys having a little cognac will appreciate the fact that there is a cognac brand that was launched by two of Buffalo's own. I was just recently talking about this in another article, it is so good to see people finding businesses and growing them in their hometown, which also helps with creating jobs here.

According to Charles and Stephanie Mingo are the owners of Mingo Imports and creators of Acquired Taste Spirits. Both of the Buffalo natives went to high school here and it was their dream to build a brand in a field where they both have the expertise and passion. Charles had an idea, and that idea turned into a mission, and it was no turning back from there.

I was speaking amongst friends when the idea came to me. I told my wife and we immediately began market research. we consulted with a few distillers from different parts of the world, and we decided on our current distiller who has located in cognac France.

said, Charles Mingo.

Acquired Taste cognac is a true quality cognac with "no additives" maintaining their notes as a result of exclusive cognac region grapes aging in limousin oak barrels. Charles also created their custom logo, which was designed in 14kt gold.

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The brand originally launched in September of 2020, and in true Buffalo fashion, the who's who of the Buffalo scene got on board and support the local owners. I'm excited to see what the future brings for Mr. and Mrs. Mingo, owners of Mingo Imports.

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