Almost everyone here in Buffalo knows of someone that owns a professional business, some of them may be in brick and mortar, but many of them are home-based businesses. I was recently talking with some business owners, and one of the things that came up was, why is it so hard for people in our community to support black-owned businesses.

Some Reasons Why Local Businesses Lack Community Support

One of the most common reasons I hear all the time is, "It's so hard to find professional service when using local businesses". In my opinion, I think it's very important to not let one bad experience taint your view of all local businesses. We have all been there, instances where we trusted a local business to handle one of our big events or we asked the business to provide a service, and we did not get what we expected or the service we got was just flat-out horrible. This causes us to no longer trust one another and then we paint other businesses with the same brush.

What Should You Expect When Supporting Local Businesses?

I have found that there are some really good black-owned businesses in Buffalo that run a really tight ship. They take pride in their business, and the people that work in the establishment really appear to be happy to work there, that is a sign of a professionally ran business. When you support local businesses you should expect, kind and friendly service. The owner of the business should always be on time for whatever the job is.

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I have noticed more local businesses being started in Buffalo than ever before, which is great for our community, I feel that it's going to important for the owners of these businesses to give great service and for us to keep supporting them.

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