With the Know Thy Self Community Wednesday question being about politics, it made me want to blog about something I see everyday especially with the election coming up. People blogging, posting, and tweeting about politics that have know idea what they are talking about. I don't claim to be a political expert but I know the basics EVERYBODY IS LYING. Most of these people who are commenting, probably don't know the first initial of their local congressman's last name.

It seems as if being political is the cool thing to do this fall, and the average American has know idea what or who they are voting for. The only information they get on the candidates comes from the media, instead of research.

We all know the media can portray a issue in the view of the writer or producer (IE FOX news). Also the media cares about one thing and that is money. News stories are positioned certain ways to produce more ratings regardless whether the story is factual of not.

Before you vote you should really take a look into issues that affect you this election. Learn where BOTH/ALL candidates stand on the issues that are important to you. I think it is great if you support Barack Obama but its much deeper than supporting a black man running for president.

When a political party (Democrats) know for sure they are going to get a demographic's vote regardless of what happens, they stop campaigning to that demographic. The same goes for a political party (Republicans) that know they aren't going to get a certain demographics vote, they don't even bother campaigning to that demographic because its point less.  I haven't heard as many Barack Obama campaign ads on WBLK this year, as opposed to when he was running in 08. I also haven't heard or seen any type of attempt from Mitt Romney to win the African American vote. This is not a coincidence.

When Barack Obama's term is up other politicians can always use the excuse that Black America did not hold President Obama responsible, so why should we hold any other candidate to higher standards. Here are some unpopular African American views on the President coming from an African American, check out the video below.