Facebook Is Going To Pay You To Not Go On
It's official. Facebook is partnering with a research company to pay you to NOT go on Facebook during election season. Only a certain amount of people will see an 'invite' when they open the app on their phone to get off of Facebook during political season, starting at the end of Sept…
Community Event
The Buffalo NAACP Branch, in conjunction with the Buffalo-Niagara Falls National Action Network, The Concerned Clergy Coalition of WNY, and the Baptist Ministers Conference of Buffalo & Vicinity collaborate to sponsor a meet the candidate event today, August 31st! Get the details here!
10 Things You Shouldn’t Talk About on a First Date!
Val Townsend and I have 2 different experiences when it comes to dating.  Besides the obvious fact that she is a girl and I am a guy, she has actual experience dating in 2017 and I haven't done it since 1997.  I'm sure not much has changed and all the same rules still apply …

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