Even if you are not into politics per se, you probably have been following the news regarding the mayor of Buffalo campaigns. As a matter of fact, people from all over the nation have been following this particular political competition since the primaries were held just a couple of weeks ago in Buffalo. Current mayor of Buffalo Byron Brown, has agreed to face-off in a debate against the current winner of the primaries and what sounds like the favorite heading into the upcoming general election this November.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has agreed to a debate with India Walton before voters go to the polls on Election Day. It's scheduled to take place on October 12th at 7pm.

This may be the most covered election in the city of Buffalo, Erie County, and the Western New York region that we have seen in our time. No matter if you live within the city limits or a suburb of Buffalo, this has major implications on lots of levels.

On a lighter note, I was thinking this morning after hearing the news about the debate if they will ever figure out how to synchronize the traffic lights around the city of Buffalo? I come into work before 4 o’clock and never seem to get to The building quickly because of the stop lights every other block. It sure is annoying and like I said it’s probably least on the list of things to get fixed in the city but it is something to consider.

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