Well it is another Know Thyself Community Wednesday and on Monday I blogged about statements made by Stacey Dash and her support of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Now Stacey is also of Mexican heritage, she was called everything in the book after posting, “Vote for Romney—the only choice for your future.”

The insults were simply ignorant, childish, and downright uncalled for; how dare this black woman vote for a white Republican over the first black president—some people were saying!

It is quite obvious that African Americans in America have come a long way from surviving slavery, segregation and discrimination. I can remember almost four years ago to that very special day in November when my oldest brother now in his late 70’s called me on the phone with so much emotion after witnessing the win of Barack Obama, something that he said that he thought he’d never witness in his lifetime—it was truly an amazing time in our American history!

If you watched last night’s presidential debate and are a Barack Obama supporter you probably feel pretty good about his performance. We all would agree that he did walk into one big mess leftover by the previous administration and now he constantly battles congress to get things done and often gets a bad rap for not getting things done!

I would like for you to be real with yourself and use your conscience when thinking about today’s topic and feel free to give me a call or leave your comments below because I really would like to know how you feel about this subject and the future of this country

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