President Barack Obama

1st Lady Michelle Obama Tweets a Message of Appreciation!
President Elect Donald Trump is not the only high profile Government Official tweeting! First Lady, Michelle Obama, sent out a tweet of her own with an appreciative message to supporters, and a video of her last walk through the White House as she exits her role relative to her husbands Presidency..…
TAKE THE POLL: Do You Accept Carl Paladino's Apology?
TAKE THE POLL BELOW (bottom of page)!  (Do you accept Carl Paladino's apology for statements he made in 'ARTVOICE'?)
Well known Buffalo School Board Member, Carl Paladino, made some ...what seemed to be...racist remarks publicly denouncing and disrespecting President Obama and Mic…
Mayor Byron Brown and His Wife Going to the White House!
President Barack Obama is soon exiting The White House but not before thanking and recognizing some of the people who supported him and did great things during his Presidency of those people being Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown!
WATCH:  Mayor Byron Brown and His Wife Headed to The White House
COMMENTARY: Fox News "SUSPENDS" Stacy Dash & Ralph Peters!
FOX News is probably fooling MANY...but not me!!!!
Fox has suspended Stacy Dash and Ralph Peters fro remarks both made (separately) regarding President Barack Obama (as seen below).  It's my contention however, that if you TRULY want to send a message that the behavior of either of these in…

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