I'm going to be very careful in writing this "Commentary" ( a safe Title for "MY OPINION")  WHY?  Well I'm SO GLAD you asked!!!!

I have to be CAREFUL because someone might feel as though MY OPINON is just a bit to ACCURATE...so at that point it becomes OFFENSIVE...and you know what happens THESE DAYS when you Offend Someone.... SIRENS GO OFF, THE "OFFENSE AUTHORITIES" POP UP OUT OF NOWHERE. and the Person with the "WRONG & OFFENSIVE OPINION" becomes the SUBJECT OF RIDICULE for being HONEST and OFFERING HIS / HER OPINION!!!

The above Scenario has become so commonplace in today's society that it's even filtered over into a Sport that is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO OFFEND, BULLY, and BELITTLE AN OPPONENT... It includes Violence, Trash Talking, Taunting, and THE EXPECTATION OF SUCH.... but OHHHHH NO!!!!!  NO LONGER!!!!  Now this MALE ORIENTED SPORT has been Riddled with EMOTIONAL ANALYSIS to to the extent that GROWN MEN...PREVIOUSLY wired such that "WE" used to "PLAY THE DOZENS" and Crack on each other's MOMS...(which is ...WHOA...Fighting Territory...but not...because it was EXPECTED and ACCEPTED as a Specific Moment where it's APPROPRIATE)... (continuing....) GROWN MEN NOW have the Emotional Tolerance of a WOMAN!!!!!.....(OH BOY...I'VE STEPPED INTO  "DELICATE TERRITORY" NOW!!!!)

It seems MEN are being SUBLIMINALLY FORCED to be equal to (just like)...WOMEN!!! The "Women's Liberation Movement" in the 60's / 70's, had an agenda such that WOMEN wanted to be EQUAL TO MEN... MOST of which was a campaign appropriate with respect to employment, wage earnings, voting, domestic expectations, and other Social Woes... but this NEW MOVEMENT to FEMINIZE MEN is grossly inappropriate... (in my opinion of course).

It's a well known SCIENTIFIC FACT that MEN & WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT...Physically & Emotionally.  Now I will agree that this may not be the case ACROSS THE BOARD with respect to all Men & Women..as there are some Men who are "less manly" than others...and there are some Women who are "less feminine and more manly" than other Women...  but just as WOMEN want to maintain their individuality and CHOICE to either be a MASCULINE WOMAN or FEMININE WOMAN..so should MEN be able to DECIDE...AND BE VOCAL ABOUT WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DON'T "LIKE", WHAT THEY DON'T WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH, OR WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO ACCEPT.  Unfortunately it doesn't work that way!!!  MEN are being Forced to be a SPECIES that is more widely identified as having FEMININE TRAITS than they are having TENDENCIES TO BE (Naturally) LESS EMOTIONAL and (Naturally) MORE AGGRESSIVE (Manly) than Women!

These days it's AcCEPTABLE for a "MAN" to "COME OUT" and say he's actually a WOMAN IN MAN'S BODY... but let a MAN...."COME OUT" and say... I'M A MAN IN A MAN'S BODY AND HAVE NO INTERST IN BEING A WOMAN OR ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE TO IT...AND...I DON'T WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH MEN WHO DO!!!!  Why can't MEN say that??????  Are Women Subliminally attempting to EXTEND "WOMEN'S LIB" to the extent now that they are no longer TRYING TO BE LIKE MEN...but DEMANDING that MEN BECOME MORE LIKE THEM?????

MASCULINITY is seemingly a "thing of the past", in that; the EFFEMINATE MENTALITY has now Ironically made it's way into FOOTBALL!!!!... with a FEMALE INFLUENCED MINDSET examining Practice Conditions which are TOO HARSH, TACKLES and HITS (which are what the Game is ALL ABOUT) which are now deemed TOO HARD & DANGEROUS (ignoring the fact that Football Players already ..DUH...know this and WANT TO BE INVOLVED BECAUSE THAT'S WHY THEY PLAY....TO HIT SOMEONE!!!!) ... and NOW...(taking things to the EXTREME!!!!!)...TAUNTING, TRASH TALKING, AND A TEAM MATE KICKING YOU IN THE ASS "VERBALLY" TO GET YOU TOUGH TO WIN...IS UNACCEPTABLE... Well hell...just BAN THE SPORT WHY DON'T YOU!!!!!

Let's get your comment as you watch two videos... #1 Where an ENTIRE TEAM OF MEN WERE SLAUGHTERED IN A FOOTBALL GAME 91-0 and then a Parent "CRIES"... (in my Baby Voice)... "THEY BULLIED OUR TEAM"!!!!  ...And... You'll see another Video, which has caused a Recent Uproar, whereas a PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER QUIT HIS JOB, CLAIMING HE WAS BULLIED BY A TEAM MATE...who was POSSIBLY attempting to RILE HIM UP AND MAKE HIM "MEAN"...ooops... that term (MEAN) could be a problem....let's RE-WORD THAT to be POLITICALLY CORRECT... a Football Player attempted to strongly encourage another teammate by verbally inspiring him to become more effective on the football field!!!!  (If Mr. Incognito's intent was something TRULY "out of line" then there is a valid means for complaint...but it's still NOT BULLYING!!!)

Despite most of what I've written, I am also of the opinion that there are ISOLATED incidents whereas a player may have taken things too far...as is PROBABLY the case with the Richie Incognito /  Jonathan Martin situation.  However, even this situation should not be USED to FUEL the BULLYING argument... rather it should be labeled and investigated such that it's HARASSMENT as would be the case in any other Job Setting.  I'm quite certain, Jonathan martin DID NOT go to the Miami Dolphins Management (or anyone else for that matter) and say, " I'm Being Bullied".

Here are the Two Videos (and more):

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