I had to figure out a way to report to you that Richie Incognito has announced his retirement, without it carrying all the regrets, sadness, and compassion you'll read in most posts about his announced retirement.  I don't know this individual personally but do know that he admittedly used the N-Word towards a former Miami Dolphins teammate of his, Jonathan Martin.

Richie Incognito is a Professional Football Player of Pro Bowl caliber which is an earthshaking accomplishment , so nothing can be taken away from him in that respect, including his importance within the Buffalo Bills Defensive makeup, but that doesn't mean he's a great guy.  Being African-American, I don't take to kindly to hearing about a white person calling a Black person the N-Word...even if it's done jokingly.  In that respect, and even if Mr. Incognito has changed his attitude regarding using the word, I find it hard to celebrate the career of this Professional.  I will acknowledge his athletic greatness on the football field but otherwise I cannot celebrate personal greatness.

I find it unfair that Colin Kaepernick has been BlackBalled by the NFL while the same organization technically slapped Mr. Incognito on the wrist for using Racial Slurs...and not only that, but also allegedly Sexual Harassment as well, not to mention other players, aside from Jonathan Martin, expressing their woes about iIncognito as well.


Upon writing this Post, I have to agree with Shannon Sharpe that Richie Incognito's choosing to using the N-Word SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE UNCHECKED BY THE BLACK PLAYERS ON THE MIAMI DOLPHINS ... thus, based upon my agreemement, I cannot let it go unchecked in the face of a mournful celebratory type reaction to Incognito's announced Retirement.


Well, I've successfully delivered the message that Richie Incognito is retiring and that it will undoubtedly hurt the Buffalo Bills...but not nearly as much as it hurts to know that within a game I love, there is a Culture such that Racism is subliminally tolerated, while the fight for Racial Justice is punishable to the extent that there is no room for it.

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