'Hate Crimes apparently don't seem to matter much in Rochester, NY following St. John Fisher College's decision to simply 'suspend' two of their students for destroying a statue of a Rochester, NY Hero & Icon, in the eyes of Black people, Frederick Douglass.

The excuse offered by the boys that they were simply 'drunk', just doesn't cut, in terms of MOTIVE.  The 'I was drunk' excuse is as lame, regarding this incident, as it would be to a wife or husband whose spouse is busted for cheating.  In my book, it's simply BS.

However, drunk, or calculated, St. John Fisher see it all the same as not being that big of a deal...it seems...based on the suggested punishment.  To make matters worse, Fisher released this statement, according to News Sources:

"We have taken the strongest possible action available to us at this time."

Here's a 'DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE' regarding the significance of this VANDALIZATION CRIME: (CLick the Link Button Below)

This incident is unfortunate within itself, but the way it's being handled is that much worse, in my opinion.

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