Four teens have been charged in the bullying incident at a field in North Tonawanda that was caught on camera.

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A bullying incident in North Tonawanda that went viral has now resulted in four teens being charged in connection to the incident, according to WKBW.  The teens were charged with third degree assault.  The victim was first verbally assaulted, then pushed to the ground and assaulted by what appeared to be three teenage girls.  A fourth teen, who was not caught on camera, but police say was involved in the incident, has also been charged.

Additionally, each of their parents have also been issued with  under North Tonawanda’s bullying ordinance.  Parents could be fined or potentially serve 15 days in jail, if their child violates the ordinance repeatedly, according to WGRZ.  The case is now headed to the probation department.

If you are being bullied or you are a parent of a child who is currently being bullied, here are a few resources in Niagara and Erie County:

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