I wondered if the Dad in this video did the right thing...and then I realized it would've been the right thing if this were 'Back In The Day', but in today's Western Civilization parents are their kid's friends rather than their Guardians.

I went a step further and Googled this: 'How Do Muslims Teach Their Children'  ....now mind you, I am NOT Muslim, I'm a Christian, but I do recognize a different level of discipline and respect within the Muslim Culture / Religion to the extent that it's completely different level of parenting compared to than that of most Western Civilization parents.

I didn't stop there.  I continued my research and Googled the same question I had googled  above but just changed the Nationality / Religion.  How Do the Chinese. Japanese, Italians, Africans, Polish, etc teach their kids.  I quickly realized that our Society has a completely different set of Values compared to any other on earth.

With that said, watch the video below and determine whether you think the Dad in the video is doing the 'RIGHT' or 'the WRONG thing'



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