4th Grader Runs for President with Dynamic Platform! [VIDEO]
4th Grader Cayden Stanley did nothing new running for Class President, but his Platform stretched well beyond your normal 4th Grade Agenda.  This is one 4th Grader on a True Mission for CHANGE, and based on his ideals, Cayden not only won the Presidential Seat in his 4th Grade Class, but also t…
Refreshing Hip Hop "Fragile" [vid]
Tech N9ne teamed up with Kendrick Lamar,¡MAYDAY! and Kendall Morgan in a refreshing song that reminds us that the human spirit is fragile and should be handled with care! Take a listen and share with someone you care about.
Bullying In The NFL?
I'm going to be very careful in writing this "Commentary" ( a safe Title for "MY OPINION")  WHY?  Well I'm SO GLAD you asked!!!!
I have to be CAREFUL because someone might feel as though MY OPINON is just a bit to ACCURATE...so at that point it …
Bus Bullies Suspended, Karen Klein Vacationed [VIDEO]
One nasty group of New York kids is responsible for their Bus Monitor's retirement - well sort of. You remember Karen Klein, the 68 yr old bus monitor who was bullied to tears by a group of middle school brats. Thanks to one of the boys viral video of the harassment, Americans have come together to …

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