4th Grader Runs for President
4th Grader Cayden Stanley did nothing new running for Class President, but his Platform stretched well beyond your normal 4th Grade Agenda.  This is one 4th Grader on a True Mission for CHANGE, and based on his ideals, Cayden not only won the Presidential Seat in his 4th Grade Class, but also t…
Refreshing Hip Hop "Fragile" [vid]
Tech N9ne teamed up with Kendrick Lamar,¡MAYDAY! and Kendall Morgan in a refreshing song that reminds us that the human spirit is fragile and should be handled with care! Take a listen and share with someone you care about.
Bullying In The NFL?
I'm going to be very careful in writing this "Commentary" ( a safe Title for "MY OPINION")  WHY?  Well I'm SO GLAD you asked!!!!
I have to be CAREFUL because someone might feel as though MY OPINON is just a bit to ACCURATE...so at that point it …
Bus Bullies Suspended, Karen Klein Vacationed [VIDEO]
One nasty group of New York kids is responsible for their Bus Monitor's retirement - well sort of. You remember Karen Klein, the 68 yr old bus monitor who was bullied to tears by a group of middle school brats. Thanks to one of the boys viral video of the harassment, Americans have come together to …

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