Douglasville, Georgia, 17-Year-Old High School Senior, Jordan Nixon, is in high demand scholastically.  Imagine getting a letter of acceptance into college.  That warrants celebration time, right?  Yes, that's right, however, Jordan Nixon would need to celebrate many times over to satisfy her being accepted into 39 different colleges.  Jordan has thus far not chosen which school she'll attend, according to reports.


Jordan applied to 50 schools and aspires to earn a degree in International Business, according to news reports.  Jordan shared her sentiments:

"It's shocking, each and every time, you're taken aback every time you open one,"

Angela Nixon, Jordan's Mom shared this:

"It really was amazing at first, and then it became, when are the letters going to stop?"

News reports quoted Pinky Quick, the College and Career Center Specialist at Douglass County High School, as saying this about Jordan:

"Students like Jordan who took advantage of being able to apply to a lot of schools through certain avenues like the Common Black App — you can apply to a lot of schools with one low price for that one, and then also Common App — they can apply to up to 20 schools at one time on one app," 

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