Last week 23 year old Jenna Talackova made it to the finals of The Miss Universe Canada Pageant.... BUT was disqualified by The Miss Universe Organization when it was discovered the Blonde Bombshell is a transgender woman!


But Now...according to, The Miss Universe Organization has reversed their decision to remove Jenna Talackova...making it a reality that Miss Universe Canada 2012 just may be...a Transgender Woman!  The only stipulation is that Jenna Talackova must meet the "legal gender requirements of Canada" and some other standards which have been established by other international competitions.... which simply means she must prove she has all female body parts...I guess.


GLAAD ( The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is VERY GLAD.  According to, they're saying, "it's a start".


Well, I don't know about you (and I'd like to hear your take on this), but I don't know what the world is coming to!   Men can be Miss Universe now?  My opinion is, "once a man, always a man"...same holds true for a woman.  The "Universal" epitome of a "Woman" can now be a Man who became a woman....SURGICALLY? Whoa!!!!  We're is this world headed?  Even Atheists would frown at this craziness.

ONLY WOMEN, BORN FEMALE, SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE IN THE MISS UNIVERSE "ANYWHERE" PAGEANT...That my opinion at least . What do you think?  (Watch this video)!