There have been cases of COVID-19 on the rise all across the U.S, many of us, having personally been affected by this global pandemic can relate to why wearing a mask in public is very important.

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Not wearing your mask while on public transportation conveyances or in transportation hubs can increase your chances of spreading or contracting the virus. Generally, people who are in close contact with one another for prolonged periods of time, like when in line to get on a bus, and are exposed to frequently touched areas like rails and doors are at a higher risk.

According to, the CDC recommends appropriate masks to be worn by all passengers and by all personnel operating the conveyance while on public transportation conveyances. For example, buses, airplanes, ferries, trains, and more.

In my opinion, people are getting tired of the COVID-19 virus, I see and hear it all the time, but the problem is, like many of the experts say, the coronavirus doesn't get tired and people are still being affected every day.

The CDC says, broad and routine utilization of masks on our transportation system will protect Americans and give confidence that you can travel safely on public transportation. Therefore the CDC is providing this guidance to support state and local health authorities.

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