The U.S. Senate passed the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill unanimously. If the House passes it, here's how much help you and your family could receive.

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Credit: CNN

If you are in need after losing your job or having your hours cut, you could be getting help soon, if the House passes the bill. According to CNN, if you are single and your income is $75,000 per year of less, you'll receive $1,200. The assistance gets cut off for single people if they have an income of $99,000 and up. Here's the breakdown of aid for Americans making between $80,000 and $98,000 - $80,000/$900, $85,000/$700, $90,000/$400 and $95,000/$200. This is based on your tax return from 2019, unless you haven't filed yet, then it will be based off your 2018 tax return.

For married couples, here are the amounts:

$150,000 or less - $2,400
$160,000 - $1,900
$170,000 - $1,400
$180,000 - $900
$190,000 - $400
$198,000 or more - $0

If you have a child aged 16 or younger, you are eligible to receive $500 per child, although it doesn't apply for folks with higher incomes. A single parent whose income is more than $109,000 will not receive the child credit. Married couples whose combined income is higher than $208,000, will not get the child credit.

As for unemployment benefits, the stimulus bill would provide you with $600 per week in addition to what you receive from the state. This would last up to 4 months, if needed. Gig workers, like DJs, Uber drivers, etc. will be allowed to apply for unemployment benefits, although the amount they receive may not be the same.

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