Grub and Groove Soul Food Restaurant will be giving out free Grub Packs to families in need.

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Grub and Groove Soul Food Restaurant will be offering care packs to families in need on Thursday, March 26th, starting at 2 pm. It will be at the Grub and Groove, located at 1210 Broadway, according to press release. The Grub and Groove packs will be given to the first 100 people to show up on Thursday.

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Grub and Groove has also announced that it will be closing on Thursday, as well.

"Grub and Groove Soul Food Restaurant has decided for everyone’s safety, our staff and customers, to help stop the spread, and to eliminate additional hazards; Grub and Groove Restaurant will officially close, no longer offering carry out service as of Thursday March 26, 2020 until the world crisis has been resolved and businesses are cleared to re-open." ~ via a press release from Grub and Groove Soul Food Restaurant

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