You've heard about the Easter tradition in Buffalo made famous by the Broadway Market ... the Butter Lamb Cake, but there's also another type of Butter Lamb Cake in Buffalo ... the Ice Cream Butter Lamb Cake created by Lake Effect Ice Cream.

 Jason Wulf and Erik Bernardi are the owners of Lake Effect Ice Cream, according to a Buffalo News article and described the Ice Cream Butter Lamb Cake this way:

"It's a sweet cream ice cream with just a hint of butter," Wulf described. "It's super creamy and quite good. I see it as similar to vanilla [in flavor] but with a light butter taste instead of vanilla bean." There is a quart of ice cream in the specialty cake.

The Ice Cream Butter Lambs will be available for order soon but keep checking the link below to order yours soon:

The Buffalo Butter Lambs Website explains the significance of the Butter Lamb Cake:

Butter lambs are specific to Easter because they are a representation of the sacrificial lamb, typically taking the form of sacramental bread, in the Catholics' Holy Communion. The "alleluia" flags mean "peace on Earth," while the red ribbon represents the Blood of Christ.

If you're not into Ice Cream and simply want a Butter Lamb Cake for Easter, as mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of this Broadway Market Buffalo Easter staple, invented by Dorothy Malczewski.


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