If you like Bikes, Beautiful Scenery and Gardens then this is right up your alley!  The 2018 Garden Ride Buffalo season kicks off Friday with an 8 - 10 mile route excursion through the Elmwood Village and the Cottage District where you'll ride on bike trails and path and witness garden after garden after garden.  According to BuffaloRising.com, you'll see some of the most prominent gardens in the city of Buffalo.  There are more Garden Bike Rides scheduled for the 1st Fridays in July & August including this Friday's event.  The entire Garden Ride Buffalo Event is compliments of Campus Wheelworks and the Campus Cycling Collective according to Buffalorising.com  Reports say that the event is FREE and there is no formal registration or reservation process but you will need the following:

  • A helmet
  • A spare tire tube (Campus Wheelworks sells tire tubes if you need to purchase)
  • Water for drinking

WGRZ reports that there is one requirement ... you must fill out a waiver.  I found the waiver online @ buffalorising.com and you can print it our and bring it to the event.


You can print out the Waiver Form above and email it to marketing@GardensBuffaloNiagara.com as a courtesy in advance so they'll know you're coming.

According to buffalorising.com, the ride leaves from Campus Wheelworks, 744 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, at approximately 5:45 p.m. tomorrow.  To see the actual route click on the link below to go to the Gardens Buffalo website (link below)...

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