I've been noticing the talent in upstate so we here at Power 93.7FM created a platform to spotlight the next superstar Queen City style. This week the “TALK OF THE TOWN” “716 SPOTLIGHT” comes this way from Ruff Buff, BSF's (Black Soprano Family) own RickHyde. He came thru the studio to chop it up with SteelBoutMoney; we talked about his transition from producer to an artists. We talked about the lost of his mother being a heavy influence on his music. We talked about how so much has changed in just one year for Griselda Records and BSF ; and RickHyde even broke down the definition of "Plates". Plus we even discussed how Benny The Butcher executive produced the album. Rick and I talked about the feeling from going from unknown to people saying your lyrics while you perform on tour and more. Check out the interview and some of RickHyde's music below. #SupportUrOwn #UknoThaSteel #MommaImOnThaRadio

Rick Hyde has actually been up for a 716 Spotlight interview before, as a producer for the Black Soprano Family, one of the first acts ever highlighted in the 716 Spotlight. Now he's back on his own as rapper:

The first thing I ever came out doing was rappin', so let's not get that twisted. Producing became a JOB for me...but

rapping is always where the talent is.


On making the transition from beat-maker to rapper:

We was working one day...Benny was like "We need something to keep the train moving." He had a bunch of obligations at the he's like "Man, bro--what you got?" I actually was working on some records on the side...but it had no destination. Next thing you know we sat back, had a talk thing you know we had us a classic on our hands, man.




His album "Plates" has a few different interpretations, and he's definitely been asked before where that originated from:

See now, a "plate"'s got a bunch of meanings to me. When you a plate in basketball, you got the got the advantage over your opposition. When you a plate on the street--that's self-explanatory. You know what a plate is. Plates means you bout to eat, there's something TO eat...this is basically just a bunch of different plates I was eating off of at one point in time of my life.


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