For many years, the good people at The People's Station Power 93.7 WBLK have led the way in giving the rappers and singers in Western New York multiple opportunities to have their music played on the radio.

Using our outlets like The 716 Spotlight, 716 Power Jam, and Homegrown Heat The 716 Show, WBLK continues to make sure the people can hear the best Buffalo has to offer.

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Buffalo, Western New York, and Southern Ontario have no shortage of talented people in the music industry. You can see it by all of the great music that comes from our area. Both the Buffalo area and Toronto area are hotbeds for great music.

If you have a really good song that you think needs some airplay, you can submit it to us for consideration for The 716 Show. You can find all the details you need to know at this link.

But before you submit your music to WBLK, have you asked yourself if you've done everything you could do to make sure the song is good-to-go? By good-to-go, do you know what your local radio station is looking for before playing your song?

Throughout my DJ career, I have listened to thousands of songs over the years, and I’ve noticed that sometimes the same things tend to happen again and again which causes people to not be as successful as they could be.

If you want a little advice before you send in your music, check out these tips that may be able to help you get your music on the radio.

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