I did a post / blog just this past week announcing that the New Fortnite Season 6 ('Darkness Rises') video game has been released.  I did this with great reservation and reluctancy because this game is a Huge Problem in my home.  I have a High School Senior son who is very athletic, bright, and handsome, but never embraces his athleticism, often misses school because he can't wake up in the morning, and is seldom unable to use his intelligence .. all due to Fortnite.  I did the informational Blog anyway, despite despising this game.

Now I see a News Report stating that Medical Professionals are warning that the game can be as addictive as heroin.  Whoa:


The New York Times, among other New Sources, did an article directed at parents regarding kids regarding what to do if your child is ';addicted' to playing Fortnite.  The article is entitles, Parenting the Fortnite Addict.  There's even a Fortnite HelpLine on Twitter 

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