As a nation, the United States has struggled with a countrywide drug problem for years. There is no part of the country that is exempt from the impact that illegal and legal drugs have had on the people.

While the drug problem in the Empire State is better than it is in lots of other places in the country, it's still a struggle in New York, and you don't need to look much further than what the Buffalo Police have had to deal with over the last few days.

Buffalo Police Investigate 4 Overdose Deaths In 24 Hours

Officials from the Buffalo Police Department haven't released a lot of information to date, but so far, we do know that at least four people have died due to what is supposed to be a drug overdose.

According to the reports from the BPD, the four deaths occurred at different locations around the city and do not appear to be related to each other.

All the deaths occurred on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at various times, making Saturday particularly busy for police investigators as they search for answers on how these four lives were lost.

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Investigators also report that cocaine was found at the site of each of the four deaths. That cocaine was in either powder or crack form, according to the police.

Police officials haven't released any other information about these deaths, the locations where these individuals died, or any information about the victims.

These 6 New York Counties Have The Most Drug Overdose Deaths

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How To Use Naloxone In An Emergency

Naloxone is the brand name for nasal sprays like Narcan and was designed to reverse the effects of opioid overdose rapidly and is used in an emergency. It can potentially revive someone during an overdose event caused by the misuse of prescription pain medications or street drugs like heroin. These medications are generally available as an over-the-counter treatment. According to the New York State Department of Health, these are the steps to use Naloxone or other opioid nasal sprays.

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